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FwdMarket prelaunch preview

Here’s a few things I’ve learned since we released ArkAdmin six months ago.

For most of the authors it took a long time to deliver a product that everyone loved and was full of great features. This means that like in anything you do in life, building digital products takes practice and persistence until you can truly bring value to your potential customers.

You also need to be a good designer with a lot of ideas in order to make it. Having mostly hacked my way through a lot of code did not vote well for me unless I was able to attract a few designers that could create the layouts and then turn them into a fully functional theme or web application, depending on the case.

Another thing I noticed is that it’s far better to have a team of people behind your product. It can get very time consuming to keep maintaining and improving your current products while also creating new ones on the side. Especially if you have to do both the design and the implementation.

Once you have your end product designed and implemented you need to be able to show that you’re in this for the long hall and you have to have a great way to present your product. Most authors have their own presentation websites, aside from their theme pages on the marketplace.

Documentation is also important, as well as being able to show your potential customers what features you will be releasing next for the item they buy and to show that any bugs they report are scheduled to be fixed in future releases.

Unfortunately the current marketplaces don’t offer you many options to help you succeed on your own.

For me implementing a cool new feature or a complex application is something that I am good at. Design on the other hand is something that I didn’t think I would ever do. That’s why a few months ago we started to look for designers with who we could collaborate and share everything in half.

This is where the idea for FwdMarket came from. It’s a platform for managing products and interacting with the community in order to build and sell your design, theme, app, library or anything else you can zip and upload online.

We’re planing to introduce new ways of building products online and connect with the community around you.

Its focus is on nurturing lasting relations and getting things done without the stress of paying anything upfront. You just give a percentage of your revenue to your partner(s) every time you make a sale.

We’re currently working hard on building the platform  and getting feedback from the community so to that regard we set up a prelaunch page where you can sign up for early access.

Join us on our journey and let’s make things better.