Owning a business is hard. Especially when you are also trying to change your direction and start bringing more value to the people around you and your clients.

One way to bring value to your customers is by offering them your dedication, skills and hard work and trying to deliver the best possible results. This requires long term commitment and building a tight relation with the customer. I am doing this on a daily basis at Around 25.

The other one is to build products that people want and trying to deliver instant value to your potential customers. This requires insight into what your customers might need, planning ahead and investing a lot of time into building and maintaining that product.

I am currently trying to go with the second approach. I will try to add here all the products I am working on, once they are live.

Current projects:

  • ArkAdmin –  A fully responsive bootstrap 3 admin theme with a clean design.
  • FwdMarket – A platform that connects designers and developers with the purpose of building awesome products and selling them through the marketplace.
  • AmqpBus – A simple way of working with AMQP messages in node.